AgataSoft PingMaster Pro

AgataSoft PingMaster Pro is a utility for network monitoring and diagnosis. The program is designed for monitoring the availability of hosts connected to the LAN or Internet (computers, servers, routers, switches), and alerting administrators in case of failures.
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31 votes Vote

improve graphics of this software and reduce the price, and keep the price between $10 to $15

pradeep, 22.09.2012, 09:01
14 votes Vote

In the add new host section, i would like to select specific ports, not just a ICMP check.

steven, 22.09.2012, 10:06
12 votes Vote

Support more protocols. I should be able to open any port, and specify the expected response (i.e. FTP, NNTP, SMTP or POP3 servers, secure ports, NNTP), with a 'preview' window so I can see what's being exchanged in real time.

gb, 22.09.2012, 12:58
9 votes Vote

reduce the price to below $30

dilshad, 22.09.2012, 10:28
9 votes Vote

Get these GAoTDs which are OK for commercial use out on Weekdays and get rid of the registration service that is blocked by so many business internet firewalls, so that we have a chance to test them in a commercial venue.

I know of a few, lately, including the NEO hex editor, which I'd have gladly tested if I could have put it on my work machine. (I'm allowed.) But I can't download them to the home machine and then transfer them to the work machine, and no, I'm not...
William Brohinsky, 22.09.2012, 16:16
6 votes Vote

User interface is straightforward and effective for such a utility; price seems a little on the low side for comparable products: suggest about 45-50 USD.

BenAsp, 22.09.2012, 10:33
1 vote Vote

Will not run unless in the startup group

I am offended when a developer insists that his software must run in the computer's start up group or not run at all. The offense is compounded when the software involved is something that I would like to use and in a few instances have...
kc4cop, 23.09.2012, 05:23